How do I…?Why can’t I…? These are questions we have all asked ourselves. I’ve been on my own sexual journey , and I am here to help you achieve the same. One-on-one, or couples sessions, I help you…

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I run virtual workshops as well as regular in-person workshops which are open for all to attend and can be booked online. Workshops are small groups of people who are all there for the same reason to learn and…

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Education is at the core of everything I do. With online courses designed to help parents speak to their children about sex, and to help deepen intimacy in couples and more, I am creating Africa’s first dedicated sex education portal.

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When it comes to online education and coaching: the challenge is to create, facilitate and teach intimacy through a medium that by its nature removes intimacy.

Nicole du toit

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Let this be a space where you can be comfortable in the knowledge that your wants, needs, and desires are normal.

May your longing for wholeness in your relationships and within yourself be met in a powerful way.

This is a space for freedom, joy, love and where you can be confident that you will be able to find answers to your questions and concerns.

I am your number one supporter in your journey toward greater intimacy and satisfaction in life.

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Cape Town, 7925

South Africa

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