Unashamed | Individual & Couples Course


INDIVIDUALS : FOUR 45 minute sessions

COUPLES: THREE 45 minute couples sessions + TWO 45 minute individual sessions

Sexual shame has a profound impact on our experience of pleasure and our levels of self acceptance. It also hinders our ability to be truly present and vulnerable in our relationships. We should all live our lives free from the chains of shame, and in the knowledge that we are worthy of love.

This course will help you understand the origins of your feelings of sexual shame, and begin the process of understanding how to determine for yourself where your standards lie when it comes to your sexuality, and how to live in the freedom of being fully alive to all aspects of who you are.

My work in Christian ministry has given me unique insight into many aspects of religious sexual shame, and I have had to work to overcome many shame issues myself. I look forward to being able to help you on your journey to where you find your own freedom to be yourself.

Course Process*:

  • The first session will be an introductory session where we establish your concern(s) and discuss the goals that we would like to reach
  • The “middle” sessions are about review, reflection and feedback of your assignments, and we work on corrections to start achieving your goals of freedom from sexual shame
  • The final session is where we tie it all together and see how far you have come toward new levels of freedom, self acceptance and intimacy, and put a maintenance plan in place to help you continue to grow in your sexual journey.

*sessions include resources and home assignments

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