Intimacy Coach & Workshop Facilitator

Considered to be a unique voice and respected professional woman in her fields.

The certificates on my wall testify to my passion for education and love of people. From a young age I was the go-to person for friends and acquaintances on all things regarding sexuality and sexual health. Having studied Commerce at Rhodes University and then a post-graduate degree in Theology from Fuller Seminary in USA as I moved into ministry, I have continued to expand my learning with various certificates and a certification from SU recognised by AASECT (American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists) and registration with the WASC (World Association of Sex Coaches).

Working in ministry I was surprised by the lack of understanding on sex shown by the general ministry staff, and attitudes toward sex and sexuality that simply did not reflect reality. I saw broken marriages and relationships and women and men feeling unsatisfied with their sex lives and often experiencing pain, while also unsure of how to speak to their children about healthy sexuality.

Today I call myself a Sexologist and Intimacy (sex) Coach, in Private Practice, specialising in sexual shame, feminine empowerment and digital education. I am also a founder of a software company, and software training consultant specialising in distance learning and virtual training

I am sought after for radio interviews and to conduct workshops including hosting workshops and discussions on pleasure at the South African SEXPO 2020.

My writing includes manuals on connecting with the Divine Feminine and coffee table books filled with sex facts.

I am always looking to expand my skill set and knowledge, and look forward to what will come next.

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