Am I a Therapist?


While many do use the terms interchangeably for ease of communication, sex therapy and sex coaching are very different applications. The focus of sex coaching, like sports coaching, is moving you toward your sexual goals in a short timeframe, with the option of an occasional “tune-up” if you feel necessary. As a coach I am not here to define and solve your problems; I am here to help, and encourage you on your journey of sexual fulfilment.

Therapy, by contrast, is an ongoing lengthy process that may deal with mental health issues. Therapy often has a heavy feel to it – it is serious business. Coaching is fun and exciting, and you should be excited to do assignments and meet with me. Not because sexuality is not serious, but because it is also fun.

If I feel that your needs cannot be met by me, I will refer you to someone I feel may be of more benefit to you. Be it another coach, or a therapist. There may be occasion when psychologists and therapists work in conjunction with sex coaches.

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