What Is Sex Coaching?

As a Sex Coach, I believe that there is no “one size fits all” model of sexual treatment, and I make use of applied sexology to help you be the best version of your sexual selves (and therefore full self) possible.

I work with you in the “now” to move through specific issues, rather than trying to resolve your entire personality into “standard” to be measured against. Just because you may have a problem in an area, it does not mean that they are in any way broken. I work with you to frame your issue, and help you work through a specific hurdle, which is all that the issue is. A hurdle.

I liken coaching to working on little knots in a necklace, loosening one at a time. Eventually the others somehow seem to resolve themselves as you go along. But if you try to work all of the knots at once, you end up breaking the necklace strand apart at some point, and it never gets put back together quite the way it was originally constructed. This is why I tackle one little hurdle at a time, creating wins along the way and when you look back, you will see how far you have come in your sexual fulfilment journey

Human beings are far too dynamic for our sexual selves, something so integral to who we are: to be boxed, sealed, and sanitised. I work with you to create a space where you can be comfortable in the knowledge that your wants, needs, and desires are normal and I am your number one supporter in your journey toward greater intimacy and satisfaction in your sexual relationships.

At the end of your coaching journey with me, you will be empowered to move forward with confidence in your sexual journey.

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